The custom pen

That ADDS TO your story

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In a world

Where busy schedules overshadow special moments and information overload clouds our thoughts….

Keep your daily life exceptional

By using meaningful items that are special to you.

Is your pen

Mightier than the sword?

Turning Point Pen Company IS KNOWN FOR:

When you want to:

Give Something Special

Commemorate a Milestone

Build Your Legacy

Stand Out

“I couldn’t believe it - this pen captures exactly what I wanted. It truly embodies everything I stand for.”

Shawn Nicholson

CEO, SMN Square

Our Message for You

Too often, we forget what makes life so special.

We get into a day-to-day rhythm and forget to acknowledge the significance of the things we have, do, and use.

It’s the special people and impactful moments that give life meaning.

At Turning Point Pen Co., we don’t just make jaw-dropping pens

We commemorate accomplishments,
memorialize milestones,
make you stand out, and
help you show those special people genuine appreciation.

Join the Turning Point community, whether you have a custom pen yet or not, and let’s live this incredible life with the significance and intent it deserves.

Richmond Scout Guide Editor Writing With Turning Point Pen Image

“When any ordinary pen can write… Use a pen that adds to your story.”

Michael Kahwajy-Hyland

Founder, Turning Point Pen Co.