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“Time has no meaning in itself Unless we choose to give it significance.”

Leo Buscaglia

American Author, Speaker, & Professor

In today’s world, “real” is rare…

So we searched for the best ways to represent the moments in life that are:





Welcome to the world of Turning Point

The company that brought you projects like:

The Andrew Jackson Tree pen

For the U.S. White House

The Rumors of War Commemorative Pen

For celebrity artist Kehinde Wiley

And so many pieces celebrating special people, moments, & accomplishments.

“TPPC has found a way to use their products to turn special moments into lasting experiences. You don’t just use a Turning Point pen – you feel it.”

Jordan Fox

Founder, Custom Fit Productions

“The intricacy and craftsmanship of your work is impressive. These pieces are sure to be treasured.”


Sean Kelly Gallery NY

“I couldn’t believe it. My pen captures the exact emotions I was going for. It truly embodies everything I stand for.”

Shawn Nicholson

Founder, SMN Square

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“You are irreplicable;
your successes significant;
your relationships deep;
your legacy strong.
Fill your life,
and that of those who contribute to it,
with the things that make it feel this way.”

Michael Kahwajy-Hyland

Founder & Designer, Turning Point Pen Co.

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