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Turning Point Resilience Campaign – RVA

In Partnership with RVA Works

OUR MISSION: To be a bridge allowing those who are living in resilience during the COVID economy to help inspire those working towards it.

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Photo by Michael Armstrong/Homer News. Used with permission of and copyright by the Homer News.

About the Campaign

Our Symbol of Resilience

A Single Fireweed Plant

Our campaign is symbolized by the Fireweed plant, which embodies resilience through its ability to thrive in desolate soil, especially after an area has been burned.

The leaves and purple flowers of Fireweed have been the first sign of life growing from barren grounds after disastrous events such as war bombings and volcano eruptions. The colorful plant adds nutrients back into the damaged soil and attracts animals, inspiring life to return to the area. This earned it the title of “pioneer species

Like the flowers of the Fireweed, we aim to inspire small business owners and creatives to find resilience through tough times by giving them the means to support themselves and working together to rebuild their communities.

The Goal:

We want to inspire the Greater Richmond Region by raising $50,000 in grant funds with the help of our community. These monetary funds will be awarded on a monthly basis as available, and we will also be providing all applicants with access to effective business resources.

What Sets Us Apart:

The Resilience Campaign is more than just a relief fund. We don’t stop at giving out a temporary money band-aid: we’re working to truly inspire our community to find what they need to attain resilience through the COVID crisis period.

Our grants are combined with essential business resources that will give them the knowledge and motivation that they need to continue in their businesses through this Pandemic. The best part: since we’re “teaching businesses how to fish” instead of just “giving them a fish,” the knowledge that we provide our applicants will continue to inspire success even after the Pandemic.

What Our Recipients Are Saying:

Cindy Jennings Receives $1000 Check

“Receiving this award from the Resilience Campaign was truly inspirational – without it I’m not sure if I would have continued with my business. The grant allowed me to keep my business functioning and interacting with you all inspired me to find ways to deliver this service virtually, which I’ve done twice now! I wouldn’t have had the courage to do that without this support. Thank you for the inspiration that you and your donors give us.” ~Cindy Jennings, Founder of Healing Harp

Meet Our Heroes:

The Resilience campaign relies on volunteers and donors to continue the work we are doing. Meet some of them below:

Special Acknowledgements:


Chris Harder Photo

Chris Harder
Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Philanthropist
Chris believed in the campaign when it was just an idea–he gifted us the funds to get started and give out our first grant.

Gina Conyers Photo

Gina Conyers
Small Business Owner
Gina is a small business owner who has pledged to give funds to support her small business family every month so far.

Other Notable Donors:


Nancy Hyland MA, LMFT

Zack Wessolleck
Real Estate Agent & Investor

How Would You Like to Inspire Our Community?

How Our Funds Are Put to Work:

  • Grants to Business Owners: 85%
  • Robin C. Lancaster Memorial Scholarship Fund – Inspiring Future Small Business Owners: 8%
  • Administrative Expenses: 7%


“It’s a masterpiece. The colour: amazing. The fine details, too. Pictures and video don’t do it justice at all. I view it as art work that doubles as a pen.” ~ Boyd Reid

“I ordered a Turning Point product as a unique gift that would stand out. Michael was really easy to work with and took the time to create the meaning I wanted in this gift. The finished product surpassed my expectations in both material quality and craftsmanship, and my friend absolutely loved it!” ~ Krista Samek

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